I'll make you an offer to get your German texts into shape. Whether it is a flyer, a website, a Facebook posting, a curriculum vitae, a bachelor thesis, a cover letter, a sign or a menu, mistakes are embarrassing, irritating, lead to misunderstandings and in the worst case to losses. Once a letter or mailing has been sent or a product has been printed, mistakes can no longer be corrected so easily. Save yourself mistakes and embarrassments by having your texts checked by me - discreetly, quickly and empathically.

About me

As a studied Germanist and Anglicist (M.A.) I have learned the critical handling of texts of all kinds so to speak from the ground up. In addition, I have many years of professional experience in the supervision and management of texts, all the way up to going to press. I worked as a journalist myself and was responsible for a magazine.

Typical mistakes

How quickly mistakes creep in: spelling mistakes, small twists, missing or superfluous commas, even ambiguous references, stylistic mistakes with weird images or incorrectly used foreign words. Even when writing and reading again, you often don't notice this, because you are "operationally blind", so to speak, with your own texts.

Precise your texts

Beyond spelling, good texts are also about comprehensibility and precision. One often wonders what the author of a text actually wants to communicate. I support you in formulating and sharpening your statements in an understandable way and in highlighting the essentials. Depending on text and target group. Where necessary, I ask critical questions to clear up any misunderstandings. A print shop or copy centre usually does not draw your attention to mistakes, but carries out your order. Let me check with a neutral and professional eye beforehand - and save yourself possible trouble. Inform yourself about my service.